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Need a Roof Repair Company in Broadlands for All Roof leaks?

If you need a roof repair Company in Broadlands for all roof leaks give us a call at (703) 303-8546 or use the free estimates contact form.  We handle everything from roof inspections to siding repair.  One of our inspectors can determine if you need a simple repair or a roof replacement. If you’ve noticed a leak in your roof but aren’t able to easily see where it is coming from on the outside, there are a few trouble areas that are usually the culprits.  Anywhere that the roof is not even and unimpeded can turn into a problem area, such as roof valleys, chimneys, or vent pipes.  Vent pipes are necessary, but they cause the possibility of water leaking around the base.

Replace the Vent Pipe Flashing so it Doesn’t Leak Again

If one of your vent pipes is leaking, repair can be quickly and efficiently performed by a professional  roof repair Company in Broadlands . Often water will leak through the shingles, then flow downhill for a short distance before leaking through the ceiling below. If a repair is needed for a vent pipe leak, know that the repair will require minimal tampering with the rest of the roof.  In order to repair such a leak, we will pry up the nails holding the flashing down.  We will then carefully lift off the shingles that are uphill from the pipe in order to reuse them after completing the repair.  At this point, it will either be necessary to replace or repair the vent pipe flashing.  Because the material is fairly inexpensive, it is advisable to replace it to ensure that the leak is entirely taken care of.  After removing the old flashing, new flashing is applied, and the flashing is re-affixed.  The shingles are replaced, and the new nail head and bottom side of the affected shingles are covered with roofing sealant to make sure there are no additional leaks.

Broadlands Housing Market

As any Virginia resident will tell you, rainfall in this part of the country is definitely something to be aware of, especially when contemplating a move into the area.  The housing market overall throughout the Washington, D.C., area is recovering from the decline of the last several years, and many people are opting to buy.  In Broadlands, Virginia, in particular, is this trend evident.  The number of homes currently being sold in comparison to last year is up 18.2 percent–a huge increase.  The price per square foot of homes currently being sold is up a healthy 2.1 percent.  Yet, the average sale price has decreased over the last year by 11.5 percent.  What this means is that while more homes are being sold and homes are worth more, the homes currently being sold are less expensive and the more expensive homes are being kept by the owners.  If you are in the market to buy in this area, sooner might be more advisable than later. There are other aspects of the area that are drawing home buyers, apart from the rising prices.  Broadlands, Virginia is a community just outside of Ashburn that is notorious for being involved in nature.  The Stream Valley Park runs along the entire length of the community, giving residents close access to beautiful, luscious forests, streams, and wildlife.  Because of the incorporation of nature in the community, Broadlands has been named a Certified Wildlife Habitat Community by the National Wildlife Federation, being only the 25th in the nation to achieve this.  Broadlands is a beautiful place to live, with quick access to both nature and major cities.  If you are considering a move into the area, a quick trip here could prove to be the most beneficial of your search.

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