Granted, most of April didn’t feel much like Spring, what with the snow flurries we were getting. But yesterday’s heavy rains proved that the calendar is still correct. With more spring rains quite likely in the future, there’s one important aspect of our spring cleaning we must not forget: the gutters.

Spring Home Maintenance? Don’t Overlook Your Gutters

With all the home maintenance tasks that pile up in the spring, it’s easy to forget about cleaning the gutters. Don’t ignore this important chore! If you don’t clear debris from your gutters, you could be heading for roofing, siding, and foundation issues in the months ahead. …

As the above article notes, gutter are easily forgotten because we cannot easily see inside them. So we avoid checking them. Fortunately, the spring rains can actually help us determine the state of our gutters, according to All Roofing Solutions:

“One simple method to determine your gutter’s performance is to go outside during the rain and check your downspouts. If there’s little to no water emptying from [the] downspouts, or if water is overflowing the gutter edges, your gutter or downspout may be clogged.”

A simple roof adventure on a dry day to remove debris may be enough to get your gutters back in shape. But not all problems are so easily solved:

The Seven Deadly Gutter Sins

Bad rain gutters are the number one mechanical contributer to the deterioration of your home. Over years of experience dealing with faulty and failing gutters, HPS has learned the main contributing factors are one or more of the following…

GutterIf your gutters are cleared of all debris and are still leaking or showing other signs of wear it’s time to call in the local brambleton roofing professionals to take a look at it. In fact, if you haven’t had a professional look at your gutters within the past year it’s a good idea to call them in even if the gutters seem to be in perfect shape. Just as your roof should be inspected annually, it never hurts to inspect the gutters as well.

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