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Roof Repair Inspection in Leesburg Keeps Your Home Compliant With HOA

Founded in 1758, the town of Leesburg, Virginia features numerous historic homes in classic styles like Colonial Revival, American Foursquare, Craftsman/Bungalow, Greek Revival, Queen Anne, and Victorian mixed with more modern properties including multiple-level townhomes. Watch this Video of a Roof Repair in Leesburg VirginiaLeesburg has established a detailed code to preserve the special architectural features of its historic district, and many newer Leesburg neighborhoods have Homeowner Associations (HOAs) with equally strict rules about home maintenance, repair and upkeep, including for roofs and chimneys. As a result, whether you own a newly built home or a historic property in Leesburg, you will find roof repair and maintenance to be more complicated here than in other Northern Virginia jurisdictions.

Regular Roof Inspections

The best way to ensure your roof always remains compliant with local rules and regulations is to have a professional roofing contractor perform an annual inspection for you. Look for a locally based contractor with a valid license and insurance. This will ensure your roofer is both highly skilled and familiar with the covenants and laws that regulate the appearance and construction of roofs within your particular Leesburg neighborhood. A general handyman will not possess the specialized technical knowledge necessary to ensure your Leesburg roof is fully functional, in good repair and in conformance with local building codes, so be sure to use a professional contractor only.

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Free roof inspection in Leesburg includes photographs and a detailed report on all active and potential roof leaks including chimneys, ridge vents, windows and much more.

A locally based professional roofer will know how to properly inspect your entire roof and associated structures like chimneys and dormer windows without causing any damage or breakage. This is especially important because many Leesburg homes possess metal or wooden shake roofs, which are not common in other areas of the state. Some historic homes in Leesburg even have roofs with multiple layers of shingles or tiles which must be handled with extra care. Newer Leesburg homes have asphalt shingle roofs, as is the norm in most Northern Virginia suburbs. A trained roofing professional will know how to handle all of these different roof types.

Whether your roof needs routine maintenance, a few repairs or full replacement, your roofing professional will be able to guide you when it comes to selecting roofing materials and permissible colors. For example, in the Leesburg historic district, wood shingles must be natural or painted Spanish brown only, and tin roofs can only be painted Spanish brown, dark green, dark gray, or black. Metal roofing elements are supposed to be replaced with the same type of metal whenever possible, and when adjacent metals are incompatible, they must be separated with either neoprene gaskets or butyl rubber caulking. These are the kinds of technical details only a legitimate roofing professional will know.

Your Roof Wears Out

Because so many Leesburg homes are older or historic, the importance of an annual roof inspection is even greater here than in other parts of Northern Virginia; many roofs give out after only 10 -15 years in service. Older homes can exhibit a variety of roof issues like cracking shingles, rotting roof sheathing, broken gutters, sagging, missing chimney liners, insufficient attic insulation, improper venting that prevents proper air circulation, and more. A roofing contractor will be able to spot these problems and execute appropriate repairs before any water leaks or damage occur. These repairs will be made in a manner that complements the style and the vintage of your home.

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Press for Emergency Roof Repair in Leesburg

Although an annual roof inspection will help prevent most emergencies, due to the advanced age of many Leesburg homes, urgent roof problems can sometimes emerge anyway. Be sure to ask your roof repair contractor if they have an after-hours phone line or other emergency support services. For example, your roof might require a temporary tarp if inclement weather is expected.



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