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The roof is one of the major components of your house that gets affected by climate changes. Video of an Alexandria roof repairKnowledge of the weather conditions in your region is very important since it helps to determine the maintenance and protection requirements for your home. A roof can last up to 20 or more years before a replacement is required. This might not be so if roof develops leaks and you don’t know it.

Alexandria is located in a humid subtropical climate that alternates between hot, humid summers to mild and cool winters. Instances of severe weather conditions such as tornadoes, winter storms and tropical cyclones are common, with heavy rains being one of the major concerns. Roof repair should be carried out on all the defects prior to the winter. Leaks and poor installations should be checked and the necessary action taken.

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A poorly ventilated home can cause more than just high energy bills, it causes ice dams, shingle damage, wood rot, roof leaks, mold and much more.

Here are some of the natural elements that cause wear to your roof:

•    The ultraviolet radiation (UV Rays) causes the roof materials to become dry and brittle, making it to lose its waterproofing properties as tiny cracks form.
•    The heat accelerates the drying out of oils in the roofing adhesives and speeds up the damage by the UV rays.
•    The metal flashings that cover seams expand from the heat during the day and contract from the night cold. This thermal shock can cause the flashings to buckle and twist.
•    Humidity increases the rate of corrosion on the metal parts that are exposed to the atmosphere. It also increases the chances for interior water damage when your attic has poor ventilation.
•    Hail weakens the shingles by creating dents and knocking off the protective granule coating.
•    Snow on the roof means more weight which can weaken the structures. It can also melt to form ice dams and leaks when the roof is not correctly ventilated.

What a Leak Does to Your Home

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Ignoring a Alexandria roof leak repair can be hazardous to you and you’re families health and well being!

A roof leak is one of the undesirable conditions for a house to endure. Proper roof care will ensure that you do not get the many problems that arise when water gets into places it is not intended to be present. Some of these problems include:

•    Water leaking through the roof can damage several things in the house starting with the roof itself and the ceiling. Household items like the electrical and electronics systems may also get damaged. Risks of electrical fire are also high due to short circuits which could be caused by the water.
•    The flooding from the water leaking onto the floor will damage the carpet or the wooden floor of your house.
•    The mildew and black mold, which are toxic, are formed in the dark and damp areas caused by the leaking water. These could cause health implications to you and your family, even pets residing in the house.

The Advantage of Regular Maintenance

Regular roof maintenance not only saves you money from expensive water damage repairs down the road, but also on other indirect costs. Poor ventilation in the attic means your furnace and air conditioning units have to work harder, and consequently your energy bills go up. Caring for your roof will help to extend the lifespan of your roof, for as much as 20 years.

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Roof maintenance in Alexandria is needed to keep your roof leak free from damaged skylights, roof pipes, vents and loose ridge vents

In Alexandria, roof repair services are very important due to the weather conditions. As a home owner it’s vital that you take proactive steps, such as scheduling a regular roof inspection by a professional roofing contractor. We will identify the source of the roof leak and stop it long before it does any serious damage to your home.

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