A few weeks ago we posted an article on the benefits of solar roof panels. Well, it looks like America is finally starting to catch on to those benefits, because just a couple weeks ago the installation of solar panels on the roof of the White House was completed:

Obama to tout renewables, announce solar panel back at the White House

President Obama will promote his record on energy efficiency on Friday by touting several initiatives he says are taking hold across the country – as well as the completion of one very close to home. …

This project has been a long time in the making. Slate.com writes:

“The Obama administration started working toward the solar panel installation in 2010. But a year later, people were wondering where they were. And not even headlines like “What Ever Happened to Those White House Solar Panels?” could speed the process. In 2013 the White House confirmed to the Washington Post that installation had actually, physically begun. Today (it’s 2014 just in case anyone is counting) the White House announced that it has completed the job.”

According to Business Week, Obama is not the only president to have used solar power. Jimmy Carter in the 1970s had a solar water-heating system installed for the West Wing, costing $30,000. Ronald Reagan, however, as soon as he moved in after Carter got rid of them. George W. Bush also used solar power for a few minor things.

Obama’s installation, however, is on a much grander scale. An interesting and informative video was released on the subject:

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