Are you looking to add value to your Arlington home? Some projects like kitchen remodeling or finishing the basement really do add value, while converting the garage into a playroom probably won’t. Replacing your roof, however, is pretty much guaranteed to increase our home’s value:

 5 Projects That Really DO Add Value To Your Property

Adding value to your home is easier to do than you think. You don’t have to wait for the real estate market to turn around and your home’s value to increase that way. Instead, choose the right home improvement projects, do them well, and you’ll be well on your way to a nice boost in your home’s bottom line. Some home remodels are worth more than you think…

House with new roof

Why does an Arlington roof replacement add value, you may ask? Well, just about anything new with the house will add some value. But a roof specifically adds value in three different ways:

 How Your Roof Can Save You Money and Help You Sell Your Home

 (StatePoint) Looking to add value to your home and make it more sellable in the future? While little fixes here and there can help a bit — there is one single upgrade that can make a huge impact — a new roof. …

Don’t be fooled into thinking no one will notice your 20-year-old roof when you’re trying to sell your house. It’s one of the first things prospective buyers who know what they’re doing will look for:

 First Time Home Buyers Guide

 First time home buyers are often warned about the terrifying and stressful experience they are in for. While that might be true for some, those armed with the right information can have a fulfilling and even empowering experience. Let’s start with the exterior. …

So before you do something potentially useless like redoing a bedroom, put that money towards your roof. Chances are you will get a much better return on investment.

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