Did you know that a garden on your roof might be able to clean up a city? James MacAvoy, professor and researcher at American University, is studying just that. Check out the article to see how it could affect DC:

Green roofs could be the answer to clean D.C.’s rivers

WASHINGTON — Fifteen feet from a busy bus stop in Northwest D.C., a small patch of plants on one of American University’s academic buildings is doing more than providing students with something to look at while they grab a smoke or take a phone call between classes. …

But what exactly is a “green roof”, you ask? It really is like having a garden on your roof – only instead of just being on your roof, it is your roof.

Green Roof

Here’s a good explanation:

Green Roof Benefits

GRHC (Green Roofs for Healthy Cities) Corporate Members and Green Roof Professionals are an excellent source of green roof expertise. Resource manuals are available from GRHC’s Green Infrastructure Store. Online training is available through the Living Architecture Academy. …

Green roofs do way more than just clean up the air. Some of the benefits they can offer are pretty impressive. Read below for just a few of them:

9 reasons to wonder why you don’t have a green roof yet

“It’s very important to have sustainability in my life and in my business,” says Deborah Solo, co-owner of Solo Real Estate. As part of that ongoing commitment, she recently installed her second green roof…

Got your interest peaked? Talk to a local burke roofing expert to learn more and to see if a green roof is right for you.

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