A Solar Roof Vent Could Lower Your Utility Bills

Did you know that on a hot day, 90 degrees or more, without a solar roof vent - it could be 160 degrees in your attic! So it’s hot up there. It couldn't be that bad, right? Homes are built with ventilation to the attic space, under the eaves, at the gable ends, and...

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Hurricane Roof Vents

On a hot, muggy day we are thankful the wind when it blows through and brings us cool, refreshing oxygen. At other times the fierceness of the wind in a heavy storm can frighten off even the bravest among us and send us running for shelter. It's almost a reflex action...

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How to Replace a Roof

Professionals know how to replace a roof and most often that is the best choice. We have mass purchasing power for supplies, all the tools necessary for the job and not least of all, the skilled workers.  Roof repair is back-straining work and the exposure to the...

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Roofing Companies that Really Stop Roof Leaks

Here's a tip about finding roofing companies you can trust that will make your decision easier. Choose one that specializes in roof repair. You might ask, “Don’t all roofing companies specialize in that?” You would think the answer is “yes,” but not all of them do....

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Roof Valley Repair Techniques

Roof valley repair techniques fix problems in this critical seam area. A roof valley is where two roof surfaces come together, such as in the inside corner of a roof on an L shaped building. With asphalt shingles, this area can be covered by interweaving the shingles...

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Be Prepared for Emergency Roofing Repairs

“It was a dark and stormy night…” is the first line of a bad novel contest and also the potential source of emergency roofing repairs. As in any situation, an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. Preparation both mental and physical reduces your anxiety and...

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Window Leak is a Sneaky Loss of Money

A window leak can be so tiny it is invisible, but the hidden effects can add up to more than pocket change. In a restaurant in the middle of a very rainy day, a booth next to window was especially damp. It wasn’t the damp air blowing in as customers entered that kept...

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Roofing Repair Company Devoted to Your Roof

When dealing with the cover on your home (the roof), you want to use to use a high quality roofing repair company. This is a fact. These days it's all about convenience. We are aware the guys that mow your lawn can clean out your gutters easily enough. This is no real...

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Make Your New Roof Useful Life Replacement Worthy

It is important to make your new roof useful life replacement worthy. What does that mean? If you are going to replace your roof, make it last you a lifetime to get the greatest use out of it. That means be smart about who you choose to do the job, the guarantees on...

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