Proper Nailing

Proper nailing on your roof is very important to the stability of your roof’s life and the success of your roof systems. The shingles should be nailed in the designated areas. This is one of the most common installation errors by contractors, which leads to shingles...

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How Old Is Your Roof

How long has it been since you've gotten a new roof? Think about how good of a job the contractors did. Roofs that were built about 50 years ago were put together differently, with materials that have been upgraded since this time period. Even though there are...

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Emergency Roof Repair

At some point you may need emergency roof repair to prevent debris, rain, and even animals from crashing in to your home through your badly damaged roof. In an emergency, make a temporary fix to stop further damage and put a tarp over the roof to prevent unwanted...

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How Black Mold Forms

Black mold spores are everywhere. The most common reason for black mold to grow on your roof is high humidity and/or water leaks. In the case of humidity, the water vapor in the air condenses and forms moisture. This moisture is absorbed by the roofing materials,...

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Roof Repair

As a homeowner, you should have your roof inspected periodically for damages. If you notice any water leaking into your home or attic, it is best to get it taken care of right away. If you are uncomfortable working on the roof, or do not have the proper safety...

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Leak Detection

Trying to find a roof leak without a professional can be very tricky. Roof punctures are not always directly above the leak in your ceiling. When your roof gets a leak, the water can travel down electrical wires, pipes and structures until it reaches the leaking...

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Dry Rot In Homes

Dry rot isn't a result of water damage, but a lack of ventilation. If there is roof repair needed in the middle of your roof, there is a possible chance that the plywood could be deteriorating. The roof will eventually sag, making the roof shingles very brittle,...

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Shingle Damage

Identifying roof damage under your shingles can be tricky. After locating the leaking point, you should start to see curled up or perhaps destroyed shingles. This can indicate water damage. When there is a leak, warped and deformed shingles start to appear. If the...

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Start Now Before You Have No Choice

Don't wait until water is pouring into your home through a leaky roof every time it rains. Start protecting your home by simply using a few observation skills. If you come across problems, that doesn't automatically mean you need to replace your roof. Repairs can be...

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