Vent Leak Repairs & Estimates VA

We love to hear the stories of kids using their ingenuity, but here’s a story of an event that started a vent pipe leak. When the home owner called us he was a little concerned since we had replaced his entire roof about a month earlier.

The Virginia (VA) home owner’s son and his neighborhood friends had seen our roofing crew setting up their ladders and replacing the shingles. Apparently, after we got the job done the boys got the notion to tie their kite to the roof while the parents were still at work. They got “dad’s” ladder out of the garage, carefully set it up and tied it off for safety just as they had seen us do.

Vent Leak Repairs & Estimates VA

Up on the roof, they decided the vent pipe was their best choice as the anchor for their kite, and tied it securely to the rubber boot that covers the area where the pipe penetrates the roof. It was the perfect place, since the slippery nylon kite string held firm on the rubber.

They managed to launch the kite, but the pressure of the nylon string against the rubber cut through it. The next time it rained there was a stream of water pouring through the ceiling inside the house. The boys had felt bad about damaging the rubber boot but decided not to say anything, fearing they would be in trouble.

Once we discovered the source of the problem, the whole story came out. “Dad” was not too upset – he was just glad we got there before it rained again. It was a good lesson for everyone. It had not occurred to us that the young people had been watching us and learning how to climb on the roof.

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